We are the newest and robust crypto asset that you can invest into. With the rise of the Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”) and its low fees many successful projects have been launched. Our team has invested in crypto-tokens since the beginning of the crypto revolution and have witnessed many rug pulls and non-committed approach on the part of the currency implementation schemes. With our collective experiences and willingness to do good to the community we knew we could step in and deliver a token where the best interests of investors and an opportunity for everyone to enter the world of crypto with a buck to be made. We say if you let the cow graze, it will be healthy and will give you milk (rewards) for long. The name holycow symbolises a deeper meaning for us as we believe cow is a creature in this world that gives and gives without wanting anything in return.

Without further ado we are introducing HolyCOW (COW), that is launched on PancakeSwap and in process of listing on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and other platforms. The initial liquidity of the project is infused by the team on PancakeSwap with trading pairs of BNB/COW. To enable the fair launch the Liquidity is locked in PancakeSwap for at least 6 months.

Project features

HolyCOW is in process of getting certified by the auditor.

Holycow is a utility token that is used for: B2B finance, as an escrow holding asset, trade currency, as a collateral and charity for various causes such as fodder for cattle, agricultural micro-finance and many more.

COW taxes every transaction 8% of its COW value and 2% is a Burn fee and 4% goes to distribution as a static rewards amongst COW holders.

Every transaction that is taxed at 8% out of which 4% goes to the liquidity pools on PancakeSwap and 3% goes to the charity and 1% is provided for the marketing of the tokens. The 0x0000000000000000 address is burn address and therefore will reduce the supply even more. Also the liquidity pushed into the Pancakeswap liquidity pool is locked for at least 6 months to discourage any whales to dump and ruin the token dynamics.

We Plan to setup a charity auction events in the future and get the maximum geographical markets to trade on COW for multiple purposes. We suggest to follow the team on twitter (https://twitter.com/HolycowF) and stay tuned for the latest updates and excitement.

holycow aims at bringing the finance and cause of charity for the those in needs. holycow is a DeFi Crypto Currency with powerful tokenomics